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Thread: inner join on subqueries.

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    I am fairly new to SQL, but i am trying to join two subqueries on a certain feild. Meaning...I want to return something with three columns, and i have like two subqueries, they look something like this: <BR>(Select team, wins<BR> from something<BR> where some conditions) <BR><BR>and ...<BR>(select team, losses <BR> from something_else<BR> where other conditions)<BR><BR>now how can i join these two queries, so the result is a table with three columns: team, wins, and loses? i have tried a couple differnent things but i don&#039;t knwo which was right. Ok thanks in advance guys.

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    Select, something.wins, something_else.losses from something, comething_else where =<BR><BR>-- Whol

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