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    joon Guest

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    Hey there. <BR><BR>How can I get the &#060;a href="xxx..asp"&#062; embedded in the .Body to open a browser for the recipient (of the email) who clicks on it?<BR>

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    Reggie Guest

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    joon Guest

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    Thanks- I pulled a gluehead and left out the "htpp://" portion, thinking it was like a plain text message non-requirement.<BR><BR>By the way, seeing as how plain text is my preferred method, is there a way to extend out the max characters per line in the message body so that lengthy querystring-rich url&#039;s are not cut off, leaving the recipient who clicks on it out to dry?

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    Reggie Guest

    Default If there is, I'd love to know it

    I had the same problem with the urls wrapping onto the next line and people complaining that the links were broken. That&#039;s how I knew right where the faq was at, since I was just using it.

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    JOON Guest

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    there is, b/c I&#039;ve received messages with different line lengths. Perhaps the settings are part of the Exchange Server, or CDO Library.

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