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    Twindiamond Guest

    Default Attn: Eddie Campbell

    Please send me an email at as I have a question and you seem to be the the most helpful person here<BR><BR>thank you

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    <eop> Guest

    Default what a d***!


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    <EOP> Guest

    Default Second that... JERK!


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    <eop> Guest

    Default Don't do it Eddie!


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    Xande Guest

    Default What is it....

    With everyone taking things personally today?<BR>If the guy wants Eddie to help him, and Eddie is willing to do it, more power to &#039;em.<BR>So he likes Eddie&#039;s replies better than anyone else&#039;s. So what? It&#039;s not necessarily a personal affront, and it&#039;s shouldn&#039;t be a big deal. Leave it alone. Don&#039;t get so worked up.

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    Default LOL.....big deal guys....

    ....he wants someone specific to help him cause the rest of are are not capable what....hopefully Eddie can help him

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