Hi,<BR><BR>The site i&#039;m creating is quite simple. A client fills in a form and the details are stored in a database.<BR><BR>A person at the other end then mail-merges the data into a word document.<BR><BR>Is it possible for the website to interact with Word in two ways:<BR><BR>a) When the user inputs the data and it is saved to the database, it is then automatically passed to word for mail-merge. therefore eliminating the need for a person to physically create the mail-merge.<BR><BR>b) After the person inputs the data and the mail-merge has been created, the website then auto-senses that the mail-merge has been done and e-mails the person back. Again eliminating the need for human input at the server end.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>Kindest Regards,<BR><BR><BR>Robert Hedley