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    I'm an old programmer that is trying to get up to date. I have an asp page that displays all of the records from 1 table in an Access 2000 database and further down the page I display the records from a second table. It works great except forone feature I want to add and that is if there are no records in the tables I response.write "You have no records". The problem I am having is this...if the second table, last on the page, has no records I do a response.end after the "you have no records" and the HTML doesn't get written to the page after that. However, if there are no records in the first table, first on the page, I get the statement and the HTML for those records. Of course if I do a response.end on the first table the second doesn't get displayed. Is there a way to do a response.write that there are no records in the first table and then have the code skip to the code for the second table? Something like the old Go To command in Basic? Thanks for your time.

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    Default Well I think you're looking for something...

    Like this.<BR>Do two SQL Statements and recordset, then..<BR><BR>If RS.EOF Then<BR>Response.Write "Nothing Found!"<BR>Else <BR>Make Table<BR>End If<BR><BR>If RS1.EOF Then<BR>Response.Write "Nothing Found!"<BR>Else <BR>Make Table<BR>End If<BR><BR>

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