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    Prahlad Guest

    Default Sending the data and images in ASP page through e-

    I have an ASP Page which consists of some data and images retrieved dyanamically and displayed.<BR><BR>In this ASP page only, I have to keep one Hyperlink.<BR><BR>When a user clicks on this link, the entire page (Dynamically retrieved data and images) has to be send through e-Mail.<BR><BR>Depending on the user request, Administrators only will see the data and images, and have to send this data through e-Mail.<BR>The persons to whom we are sending e-Mail they can&#039;t access this website,thats why we can&#039;t send him the link of the page. He is a customer(dummy person) just has to see the data and images by seeing the e-Mail. <BR><BR>To send an e-Mail, here we are not using CDONT&#039;s application. We are sending mails through SMTP(POP3 Mail Server).<BR><BR><BR>

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    RDM Guest

    Default No dice...

    ...You can only send HTML text not the images. The image doesn&#039;t actually get mailed to the user "inside" the context of the email. The link to the image is embedded in the HTML email instead. If they don&#039;t have access to the site, they will not be able to see the images in their email.<BR><BR>Why do you not allow them access to the web site? If they are retrieving mail, they are connected to the net...<BR><BR>Sorry, not gonna work...

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