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    Please forgive my newbieness to IIS...<BR>I am trying to get IIS 5&#039;s SMTP service set up on my box that is part of a LAN. Every website I have checked says this is the easiest thing to do (aside from opening a swiss bank account). I have followed all of the instructions that were on Microsofts&#039;s web site:<BR><BR>I installed the SMTP service.<BR>I entered the fully qualified domain name of our exhange server in the appropriate box, I entered the IP address of the exchange server into the Smart host box on the "delivery tab" of the default SMTP server on IIS.<BR><BR>One Small problem. I downloaded microsoft&#039;s test code to send an email via CDONTS. The script connects wonderfully but I can&#039;t send mail. All the addresses that I send to wind up in the Badmail folder with error "Failed" (real helpful). Is there something I could be missing here?<BR>Also I do not understand how I can hook SMTP directly into the exchange server without some type of authentication. Does exchange allow arbitrary connections from virtual SMTP servers??

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    When I tried using CDONTS on a properly configured server I had quite a bit of trouble stemming from what value I put in the "From" field. I don&#039;t know how to set up new users, but I know that the mail had to be from an actual existing smtp account. I don&#039;t know if you tried that, but the same exact thing happened to me with all the email getting stuck in the Badmail folder and failing.<BR>

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