null values in db give query error

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Thread: null values in db give query error

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    Dawne Guest

    Default null values in db give query error

    I have a form that users fill out that doesn&#039;t require all fields to have data. The form submit and the database work fine. When I go to query the db and show the data in the form to different users (managers who are checking status reports) I get an error in the field where there is no data. Error: MS VBScript runtime error &#039;800a000d&#039;; Type mismatch: &#039;HTMLEncode&#039;. Any suggestions on what I can try to fix this? <BR>

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    J. Paul Schmidt Guest

    Default Null to Blank

    Perhaps run code something like the following on incoming text fields:<BR><BR>&#039; Convert Null to blank.<BR>If IsNull(MyFldVariable) Then MyFldVariable = ""<BR><BR>Best regards,<BR>-Paul<BR><BR>J. Paul Schmidt, MBA<BR>Databases on the Web<BR><BR>

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    Dawne Guest

    Default RE: Null to Blank

    Thanks for the help!

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