Hello,<BR><BR>I am using ASP on a RAQ4 (Linux) box using the Chilisoft sotware (works fine!). What I want to do is protect a directory (using a .htaccess file) that will have some html files and downloadable files in it, but use ASP to get into that directory rather than the standard popup authentification. I&#039;ve done all the front end and have the database and everything in place, but I can&#039;t get it to move into the protected directory without the popup boxing coming on the screen asking for a username/password (this is going to be fixed so that the database/asp will handle everything). Is this possible? I know I can protect the asp pages in a similare way, however that will not protect the downloadable files (.exe&#039;s).<BR>I was thinking along the lines of response.redirect("aaa@bbb:www.xyz.com/support")? Would somthing like this work?