I get this following error from a ASP page in my app. This ASP page creates a COM object and passes few parameters to it which in turns calls a execute on a stored procedure. The backend database is Sybase 12 on Solaris platform. I have Sybase 12 drivers loaded on the web server. this happens only on this particular page. Of course, the data pull is very large on this page. But when I run the stored Proc independently (like from VFP), the page does not give the below mentioned error. I get the results the way I want. And then on for some time, the page executes just fine. After a couple of hours, I am back to the same error. Can anyone help me? <BR><BR><BR><BR>OLE IDispatch exception code 0 from Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers: [SYBASE][ODBC Sybase<BR>driver][SQL Server]ct_results(): user api layer: internal Client Library error: Read from the server has timed out...<BR>Error No.: 1429 error &#039;800a01ad&#039; <BR>