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    Ant Guest

    Default VBScript Now() return format >>

    Does anyone know of a factor other than the systems regional settings that would affect the format that a call to Now() would return the current date and time in -- <BR><BR>A web app we&#039;re migrating is falling over on a new test server as Now() did return dates in d/M/YY format but has started to return them M/D/YY - all regional system settings are identical-- <BR><BR>unfortunately as this is an excerise in configuration we are not able to simply insert extra code to deal with this - we must track down the configuration issues and resolve it <BR><BR>all help very welcome <BR><BR>many thanx <BR><BR>Ant

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    <eop> Guest

    Default Check your Locale settings...???


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    Ant Guest


    if anyone has actually read the body of original post they&#039;ll see " -- all system regional settings are identical -- "<BR><BR>-- please only post if you have a sensible answer as the presence of replies may disuade others from reading my question as they think its already been answered!!<BR><BR>Thank you

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

    Default Phew... Under pressure ?

    That was a bit harsh. Relax, it&#039;s Friday....<BR><BR>I have never seen Now() flip around to US format if the server locales are all set to dd/mm/yy format UNLESS you have visited a page somewhere in your current session that issued a Session.LCID = xxx command.<BR><BR>Can you try this? Create a test page and paste in this code<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>Response.Write "Server reports date/Time as " & Now() & "&lt;br&#062;"<BR>Session.Lcid = 2057<BR>Response.Write "Server now reports date/Time as " & Now() & "&lt;br&#062;"<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>I know you say that the locale settings are the same, but give it a try anyway.

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    <eop> Guest

    Default KISS MY.... You SCMUCK!!! Trying to HELP!! FU!


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    Default You people....

    Are entirely too sensitive this morning. Calm down. <BR>Don&#039;t take things so personally. That goes for both of you.

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    <eop> Guest

    Default You're right. Sorry. Just reacting. Should


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    Ant Guest

    Default cool yer boots - jesus

    it wasn&#039;t a personal attack - but its a fact that if people post an answer others are less likely too - and we were under the cosh for a roll out to prod this w/e - you answer wasn&#039;t helpful and clearly ignored the facts as stated in my question - ie all regional settings are identical - if you don&#039;t want to get flamed don&#039;t be such a llama ! <BR><BR>

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    whoops Guest

    Default Sorry mum...


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    < eop> Guest

    Default GO AWAY! Don't post on this AGAIN!


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