IIS & SQL Server on same Box.

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Thread: IIS & SQL Server on same Box.

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    Ben Harratt Guest

    Default IIS & SQL Server on same Box.

    I need to find an article on the performance implications of running SQL Server 7.0 and IIS 4.0 on the same machine Vs using two machines, Has anyone got any ideas of where to look??<BR><BR>

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    RDM Guest

    Default Don't have an article...

    ...but I&#039;ve worked in both situations. If you do not expect a large amount of traffic and the web server isn&#039;t a little piece of garbage, then you&#039;ll likely see a better performance output with both on the same box. The only real lag can come with network latency.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve been successful with 1000 concurrent users on one box with 500MB of ram and 2 800mhz processers. Didn&#039;t even phase the box...And, it did load the pages faster than separating the db onto another box.<BR>

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    Ryan Carstens Guest

    Default RE: IIS & SQL Server on same Box.

    If you want to run them on the same box, it really depends on how heavily your SQL Server is going to be hit. In my case it was much faster to seperate SQL Server onto a different machine.

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    Default RE: IIS & SQL Server on same Box.

    can you give us some details on the machine and how hard it was hit before you decided to move SQL Server to another box?

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    AnandR Guest

    Default RE: How to determine - any IIS settings..

    We have also been using both the server in a same box..<BR>But the scene is just opposite to What RDM said..<BR><BR>Here we can able to support only 90 concurrent users..<BR>Are there settings to improve the Server Performance <BR>to support more no., of concurrent users.<BR><BR>(we have single PIII processor, IIS 5.0/wind2000/ SQL 2000)<BR><BR><BR>thanks in advance,<BR>anandR

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    Ryan Carstens Guest

    Default RE: IIS & SQL Server on same Box.

    The site gets around 250,000 page views a day, and the site is very dynamic which calls for multiple queries to SQL Server on every page. I was approaching both a memory and CPU bottleneck, so it was pretty obvious that seperating the 2 layers was the right move. I would say in general, you&#039;ll experience performance gains by seperating the 2.

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