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    Back again! I would love to explain this before I outline my problem: <BR>on signing up a folder for each user is created and the folder is named in accordance with the userID. <BR>The problem arises when I want to access the created folder so that I can save the user&#039;s data. This code <BR>response. write (Server.MapPath("/users/"& userID)) <BR>diplays the actual physical path correctly. to save into the user&#039; folder I do need the physical address and the saving is implemented in the following way: <BR> "physical address/" &theField.FileToBeSaved <BR>Please help me to concatenate the 2 pieces of code.

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    I think this is what you want?:<BR><BR> Server.MapPath("/users/" & userID) & "\" & theField.FileToBeSaved <BR><BR>and should have the same result:<BR><BR> Server.MapPath("/users/" & userID & "/" & theField.FileToBeSaved)

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    Thanks a lot.

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