I am looking for some guidance on how to automatically search a database for matching records. A basic example of the logic...<BR><BR>2 fields (Name, Color), 6 records<BR><BR>Name Color<BR>Tim Blue<BR>Tim Red<BR>Matt Red<BR>Matt Blue<BR>Bob Red<BR>Bob Yellow<BR><BR>What I would like to do is automatically search (or match) the values in the Name field for Tim&#039;s records. It would search the name field (excluding Tim&#039;s records) for the values "Blue" and "Red", since these are values in the Name field for Tim&#039;s records. The returned recordset would include Bob&#039;s Red and Matt&#039;s Red and Blue records, since they match Tim&#039;s. Bob&#039;s Yellow wouldn&#039;t be returned, because Tim doesn&#039;t have a record with Yellow in the name field....<BR><BR>I am a novice ASP programmer, and I have created some basic search pages, but I need some guidance on where to find code examples or tutorials for this script. Any ideas? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!<BR><BR>