I want to able to manage a one-coloum list of records in a table by allowing me to move each row to different position in an Access database<BR><BR>Example <BR><BR>Table in database:<BR>ID Names Order <BR>1 Tim 1<BR>2 John 2<BR>3 Josh 3<BR>4 Fred 4<BR>5 smith 5<BR><BR>Say, I want to make a change in my admin page, move Fred (4) to John (2) and it then prints out like below (look at the IDs and order).<BR><BR>An html printed out: <BR>ID Names Order <BR>1 Tim 1<BR>4 Fred 2<BR>3 Josh 3<BR>2 John 4<BR>5 smith 5<BR><BR>In the admin page, to make the change there would be drop down lists etc but no input fields to enter value text or number. <BR><BR>How could write this <BR><BR>Thanks for any help<BR><BR>James<BR>