I&#039;m testing my code for cross browsing capabilities, and the codes that work in NS4.7 and IE5.5 don&#039;t work in NS 6. Any idea why and how to fix this?<BR><BR>This is one of the functions that won&#039;t work:<BR>function move(g,pos){<BR> var varId = DS_readCookie("TId");<BR> var varArray = varId.split("&");<BR> var intArrayCount = varArray.length - 1;<BR> var intItem;<BR> var arrArray1 = new Array(varArray.length);<BR> g = parseInt(g) + (pos)<BR> for (intItem = 0; intItem &#060;= intArrayCount; intItem++)<BR> {<BR> var varsmlArray = varArray[intItem].split("=")<BR> <BR> arrArray1[intItem] = varsmlArray[1]<BR> }<BR> thisPage.navigateURL("DetailNew.asp?IndexVal=" <BR> + arrArray1[parseInt(g)] + "&ind=" + g)<BR>}<BR><BR>Thanks for your ideas and suggetsions.