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    I have a form that displays a table from a database.<BR>underneath the table i have 2 form elements that enable the user to add to the table.<BR>when they have added the information to the form they click on a submit button which calls on itself and should show the table from previous with the updates made to the table. <BR>This does not happen<BR>until i type another entry in the form and click on submit again then the previous entry to change the table changes the table.<BR>Has anyone else come across this where the displayed table is one step behind the changes that have been made?<BR>please help, hair in clumps in my hands at the minute :)

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    Show us the code

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    That one is very simple.<BR>I don&#039;t know why have problems with that.<BR>create connection object<BR>create recordset object<BR>start loop<BR> display values<BR>end loop<BR>close objects<BR>try this<BR>at the beginning of the page.<BR><BR>All the best<BR>

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