My ASP application lets users add and remove items to a database. When you change the database and then go and look at a page showing the data you&#039;ve changed, you should see the change, right?<BR><BR>Well, I&#039;ve added<BR> &#060;meta http-equiv=&#039;Pragma&#039; content=&#039;no-cache&#039;&#062;<BR>to all of my pages, but still the user doesn&#039;t always see the new data. If they click Refresh, then they see the new data, but not before.<BR><BR>Is there anything else that I can do to solve this? I don&#039;t think that I can resort to cyclically refreshing every page, because there are form elements which the user can alter and then submit. If I keep reloading the page then these elements will get reset.<BR><BR>Thanks for any help