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    I hope you can help me with this.<BR><BR>I have a sql string used with MS Access...<BR><BR>TRANSFORM Count([Defect Groups].[Complaint Number]) AS xx SELECT [Defect Groups].Expr1, Count([Defect Groups].[Complaint Number]) AS [Total Of Complaint Number] FROM [Defect Groups] GROUP BY [Defect Groups].Expr1 PIVOT [Defect Groups].[Cost Center]<BR><BR><BR>I want to sort by [Total of complaint Number] that is no a field if you can see my sql string.<BR><BR>Thanks for any help or links

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    you can user the sort by clause after your group by clause.<BR>as long as your column that you wanted to sort is from one of the tables that you used in your select statement. If it&#039;s from a different table then you need to include the table in your selected statement then used it in the order by

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