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    Hello,<BR><BR>I am trying to pass a session variable to an HTTPS page via a standard hyperlink. Anybody have an example of how I should do this? I do not want to use a form post method.<BR><BR>Also, can anyone tell me what is the easiest way to create a cookie from a single variable pulled in from the querystring? And once I have created the cookie, how can I call it on a latter page?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Jake

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    Default maybe......

    Dim your_variable<BR>your_variable= Request.QueryStrin("something")<BR><BR>if your_variable = "something" then<BR>session("allow") = True <BR><BR>If session("allow") &#060;&#062; "True" then<BR>do your stuff<BR><BR>or something like that.

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    Default let me be more clear

    Dim your_variable <BR>your_variable= Request.QueryString("something") <BR><BR>if your_variable = "something" then <BR>session("allow") = True <BR>else <BR>session("allow") = False<BR><BR>-----the other page------<BR><BR>If session("allow") &#060;&#062; "True" then <BR>do your stuff <BR>else <BR>session("allow") = "False" then<BR>Response.Redirect(" p")<BR>

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