To Buy or Not to Buy - 21 Days? 24 Hours? Neither?

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Thread: To Buy or Not to Buy - 21 Days? 24 Hours? Neither?

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    Nik Guest

    Default To Buy or Not to Buy - 21 Days? 24 Hours? Neither?

    Hi,<BR>I&#039;m picking ASP up in dribs and drabs and would like to learn it a bit more rigorously...though I&#039;m lazy and never seem to finish Teach Yourself Books.<BR>Am I likely to make it through either of these tomes or are there any partciularly good websites with structured tutorials (other than 4 guys from rolla).<BR>Anyone?<BR>Cheers<BR>Nik

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    Default Buy my book!! :-)

    Hehe, I, of course, would heartily encourage you to buy a copy of my book, Sams Teach Yourself ASP 3.0 in 21 Days:<BR><BR><BR>but of course I&#039;m not the most unbiased opinion on that!<BR><BR>If you are looking for good beginner sites, check out:<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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    Riccardo Di Stefano Guest

    Default true

    I would suggest it too. It&#039;s really a great book! :)

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    alzy Guest

    Default RE: To Buy or Not to Buy - 21 Days? 24 Hours? Neit

    Im like you and do things in dribs and drabs. Been working my way through the book but eventually got bored and skipped a few days, headed for the database section. I think it&#039;s pretty good though. Only one chapter has confused me so far, and thats pretty good going. I think that&#039;s ok though, as I&#039;ve gained a pretty good grounding so far. I can easily go back to what I&#039;ve missed out at a later date, when I need them. Basically, if yourlearning asp you need to know about databases so don&#039;t feel bad about skipping the odd chapter.

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    Divinite Guest

    Default I bought :o)

    This is the ONLY Teach Yourself book I have ever made it completely through (and I actually managed to retain useful information!) Also the only one that comes with such great resources and the ability to get answers from the authors. :o)

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    DaveOB1 Guest

    Default RE: To Buy or Not to Buy - 21 Days? 24 Hours? Neit

    I got a quote from a friend to develop what I wanted on my site.<BR>Bought the book and finished it myself in 3 days.<BR>Book cost 10% of quote from friend.<BR>Also helps that I program in VB.<BR>

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    Default ooops...

    well i got the 24hrs one, and i always wondered why i post so many questions to the board. its b/c i got the wrong book apparently. ****. i do like my ASP Databases (Wrox) book though, and i never have to post questions to the db q&a board ;-)

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    Default Yeah...

    There are very good Wrox books (there are also very BAD Wrox books), just like there are both very good and (very) bad Sams books. Hehe, the secret is knowing which are which! I think the ranking system at is really helpful... not to toot my own horn, but currently Teach Yourself Active Server Pages 3.0 in 21 Days has 50 5-star ratings. :-)

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    Dean Sivell Guest

    Default RE: To Buy or Not to Buy - 21 Days? 24 Hours? Neit

    Buy it, it&#039;s worth every penny. If you know VB you&#039;ll wiz thru it, if not, everything is explained and 21 Days (or there abouts) is about the time it&#039;ll take to finish it.

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    Default RE: To Buy or Not to Buy - 21 Days? 24 Hours? Neit

    hi, i&#039;m new to asp but not programming in general <BR>(mostly c,c++,prolog,lisp,jlcs,clips)<BR>i picked up a copy of this book with hesitation (most of the teach yourself books are bland and bore anyone with any programming experiece), but this book was the &#039;right porage&#039; of dense explanation, examples, and material; but still making it accessable to someone without a lot of programming experience.<BR>9 on a 10 scale for me<BR>

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