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    I have started programing in some basic asp code.<BR>I use a notepad and sav the document as an asp.<BR>however when i try to open it, my computer automatically opens my adobe photoshop application, not my explorer.<BR>Anyone know why this is?

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    Default Where are you saving that file??

    you have to save it in a project created in your IIS <BR>OR <BR>in any folder but map it to a virtual directory.

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    go to start&#062;settings&#062;folder options/file types<BR>and set .asp to be opened by notepad.exe<BR><BR>IE cannot open .asp files unless the file is on a server...<BR>your just can&#039;t process the code by itself.<BR><BR>throw it up on your PWS or another server to see it go.<BR><BR>make sense? I don&#039;t all the time.<BR>

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