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    *<BR>I am an experienced ASP developer who&#039;s searching for projects as freelance worker. I work from Toronto, Canada. I have more than 3 years experience in web development. I am working as freelance Developer for 2years. Before I used to work full time at Deloitte and Touche consulting. <BR>My Billing rate C$25 - C$30 per hour. <BR>You can contact me at<BR>

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    William Fan Guest

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    I wish a freelance programmer to work with "TextDb"(please navigate create a simple search engine by using ASP programming. It can search data from SQL from my server.<BR>Data are stored in Access. The data can be uploaded to server <BR>from website(when user filled out the form and click SUBMIT).<BR>Can you help me and how many hours you can finish the programming ?<BR>Thank you !<BR>William Fan<BR>Email: <BR>from Montral<BR>

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    coderwannabee Guest

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    you should check your site for spelling errors.<BR>I wouldn&#039;t buy anything from a site that has spelling errors on the first line. if you looking for someone to rebuild your site you can contact me at I&#039;m currently building the new 2002 websites and built the 2001 sites that are live now. I been in web development for 6 years. Also if you give me more details about the database project your working on I could do that as well. Please send all information to<BR>

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    Jim Rudnick Guest

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    Hey Coderwannabe...<BR>went and took a looks cool! well done...but I was a little surprised that the Suburban showroom tour, automatically resets the truck back to the front view each time you click on a gold button, then close the pop up. also, one of your popups opens up casino link too...that&#039;s really surprising!!!! <BR><BR>Jim<BR><BR>

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    coderwannbee Guest

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    Jim,<BR>Good point about the suburban showroom always going back to the front view of the truck. If we use that on the 2002 site I will make it a point to fix that if the budget allows it. About the link that pops up a casino link, could you please tell me exactly where that is located. I need to pull that right away. I don&#039;t know how or why that is in there. Thanks for your input on everything.<BR>coderwannabe

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    Hey coder...<BR><BR>Went back to try and get that casino site to popup...and it&#039;s a CNR (can not reproduce)? Tried more&#039;n a couple of times too...but cant get it to popup again. Dunno why...the site was the only one I had up on the browser at that time I remember -- but until I can get it to do that, disregard. Hope you do change the virtual tour car/truck orientation as you noted, its a little thingy...but important I think.<BR><BR>Great job BTW, liked the site a lot...aint&#039; been there before as I own a caddy and go to the site once in awhile. Know who does that one?<BR><BR>Jim

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