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    Default The server ASP process hangs

    My server&#039;s asp process seems to be hanging. IIS continues to serve .htm pages but .asp pages are not processed. The browser returns Error 501 Internal server error.<BR><BR>The bad behavior is happening every few days with no event log info and the only recovery is a server restart.<BR><BR>Does anyone have any ideas on what may be causing this or how to prevent?<BR><BR>Thank you<BR>Richard<BR>

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    RDM Guest

    Default Not explicitedly...

    ...destroying connections and objects is the most likely cause.<BR><BR>Not to be insulting in any way but are you certain that "all" of your pages close all connections and destroy all objects before the end of the page "or" redirect?

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    Looks like some object is fouling up. Are you using many COM objects? Then check each one. When does the server hang? Check it out. It may be hanging when you do some particular operation on some page, which involves some COM object. The object may be unsuccessfully trying to do something, and not able to get out of it. In that case, IIS is known to hang.<BR><BR>For example, suppose you are trying to export a Crystal Reports report to Excel. This may be OK in most cases. But if the report has only one page, and it contains a sub-report which is opened only in the second page, then your server may hang. That is because it is also trying to export the sub-report, but the sub-report is not there.<BR><BR>Hope this is of some help.<BR>

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