Hello Everyone,<BR><BR>In a nut shell - I have a cost estimating/order entry app (Access 2k mdb) that our sales force uses on their laptops out in the field. These people basically use the estimating portion to look up data and produce quick equipment quotes. We have an in-house order entry person that uses the order entry portion of the app to enter new and revise old data. All of these people have a copy of the mdb on their computer. I have a copy of the tables on our SQL Server (7.0 sp3) that I use as the master data.<BR><BR>Currently I use DTS to import data from the order entry persons machine whenever he tells me that there is an update and use SQL Server snapshot replication to push the updates to the sales laptops. This works OK but is a real pain to administer. I want to duplicate this functionality programmatically from the Access app, but I don&#039;t know how to set it up. I know that SQL 7 and Access 2k support bi-directional replication using the &#039;hub and spoke&#039; topology because I have seen many documents that claim this. None however goes into the detail I need to set it up.<BR><BR>What I am looking for are code samples required to do this but I am quickly running out of places to look. If anyone has a clue as to how this is done or maybe where else to look for specific info I would really appreciate it.<BR><BR>Again, thanks for the quick response.<BR><BR>Randy