"RETRY" messagebox comes at the time of autorefres

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Thread: "RETRY" messagebox comes at the time of autorefres

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    Sunil TG Guest

    Default "RETRY" messagebox comes at the time of autorefres

    Hi group!<BR><BR> To refresh my webpage every 3 minutes , I am using the<BR> &#060;meta HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="180" ....... &#062; tag<BR>it is working properly. But , the problem is, if i click any submit buttons<BR>in my page , and after that when the time arrives for the webpage to refresh<BR>automatically, A messagebox is coming prompting the user to Click "Retry" to<BR>resend the information. How can i get rid of this message box?<BR><BR>Now the autorefresh has no use if any of the submit buttons have been<BR>clicked in the page... Every time the before autorefresh the "Retry"<BR>messagebox comes ..... :-(((( Can anybody PLZZ help???<BR><BR>Thanking you in advance<BR><BR>Sunil TG<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Priyan Guest

    Default I dont think .....

    Hi Shibu,<BR>As fas as I know, Its not possible.

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    RDM Guest

    Default The only way I know of ...

    ...is to change your methodology for refreshing the page. Create some JavaScript functions to perform this task instead of the meta tags. Within JavaScript, set a flag once the form has been submitted. In the JavaScript function for refreshing the page, only perform the refresh if the form submittal flag hasn&#039;t been set yet.

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