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    I need to print 80 labels on a 8 1/2 by 11 label sheet... There could be as many as 20 sheets per day. I also have to fill the labels with content coming back from my database... What is the best way to handle this in my ASP web application?<BR>

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    Recently 4GuysFromRolla has been dealing with Office Web Components. Maybe you could try and get it done by Word using your ASP?<BR><BR>I have no clue, but maybe it&#039;s worth a look.<BR><BR>Anton.

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    Cheapest way:<BR><BR>set up a form laid out with cells to match the labels sizes and loop through the database to fill the cells with data.<BR><BR>Better way:<BR>Use Crystal reports<BR><BR>Alternative way for Access databases:<BR><BR>Look into using the Access Snapshot viewer (there is an aritcle on 4guys.

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