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    Default Tree structure using asp

    Hi,<BR>I need to create one tree structure using asp. It&#039;s alsmost same as some folder listing. But there are two ways using asp. One is to use(1) a javascript - asp and (2) asp alone.<BR><BR>In the first one asp will create a page containing javascript. which will populate everyinformation regarding the folder structure to the client. This will give the use informations with out giving hit to the server each time he expand or collapse a folder tree.<BR><BR>In the second one, asp will create a fresh page each time user clicks byt hitting the server. Thus giving a tree structure.<BR><BR>I would like to know, which one is more feasible.<BR>This folder listing can contain thousands of file. <BR><BR>I opt for the asp alone application. But i am concerned about the time it will take to create a fresh tree structure.<BR><BR>If anyone of you worked on this kind of applications or have any suggestions. Please reply..

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    Default Recursive ASP call

    Here is an example using a database, the logic is the same, you just need adapt it to what you want it to do...<BR><BR><BR><BR>-- Whol

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