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    Rutger Frantzen Guest

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    Hi,<BR>Does anybody knows if it is possible with asp to have a page that is on server 1 ( check a form that is submitted to it from server 2 ( in the following way :<BR>on server2 a user fills in a form aznd submits it<BR>this data goes to server1 but it may only be processed when it is send from server2 and no other. <BR><BR>Anybody??<BR>TIA<BR>Rutger Frantzen<BR>

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    Heaven's Martini Guest

    Default It's magic

    but<BR>i would use request.servervariables("http_referer")<BR><BR>and see what you get, you made need to do some string parsing to get the domain off that, but i think thats what you are looking for.<BR><BR>Oh, not really advanced, but "advanced" is relative and not completely quantifiable.

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    Rutger Frantzen Guest

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    Great! That was what i was looking for thanks!

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