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    zia Guest

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    Hi<BR>I was just interested to know that in some websites like sports<BR>websites or stock markets websites where the scores & prices keep<BR>changing every minute how do the people in the backend or how<BR>is the site made to update the figures every minute.<BR>Is it through database or a text files method & how is it done.<BR>Also a code exaample of such a page or site would be very handy<BR>Thank you all

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    Good question.<BR><BR>there are many ways in which this is done - it depends on money, time and implementation.<BR><BR>Databases are often updated, but when done, they can spit out HTML files which are used by websites to retrieve the latest info.<BR><BR>Databases are read directly each time a request is done - this is cumbersome and slow as the web server has to call the database each time ! Caching files each less expensive than caching recordsets<BR><BR>XML is often used in larger environments - XML can take info from a database and pass it in a variety of formats to different databases which can store the info and spit out an html file etc etc<BR><BR>COde examples ? look through 15seconds, asptoday, 4guysfromrolla

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    You can easily force a page to refresh itself every x seconds by using the following:<BR><BR>&#060;meta http-equiv="refresh" content="60;url=MyPage.Asp"&#062;<BR><BR>This will force the page called MyPage.Asp to refresh every 60 seconds. To use the code, put it in between the &#060;head&#062;, &#060;/head&#062; section of your page.

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