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    hi,<BR><BR>im trying to create a database web application, using Access database<BR>(Jet)..a input box will be used to retrieve keywords from users and the search<BR>results returned (10 records at a time)...<BR><BR>1. any idea where i can find references/samples for this kind of application?<BR><BR>2. i&#039ve seen this kind of pages using some &#039hidden&#039 input boxes...since they are hidden,what&#039s the function?<BR><BR><BR>thanks for regards<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    1. Another good ASP site other than ASPMessabeBoard that I have in mind is:, there are a lot of samples + code for beginners and intermediate level.<BR><BR>2. Hidden text boxes may be useless sometimes but I had used it once in my project. Let say I have an ASP which have 4 forms in it, allow users to query 4 different tables, and while they press the submit button of any one of the 4 forms, it will link to the same "result page". So, how can the result page know which table to get the data? Here comes the importance of the hidden input box, if you have put the different table name in the input boxes of different forms, when the user press the submit button, the table name will also be passed to the "result page".

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