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    Hi everyone ~)<BR><BR>Can anyone help me with a good reference guide to inserting files into databases (sql), such as word documents, excel, images, movies etc?<BR>Are there any good simple tutorials out there? I have been searching for days now with no such luck.<BR><BR>(: Thanks :)

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    Every article I have read advises AGAINST inserting binary files in databases (images/documents etc) the easier and quicker solution is to store a path reference to the files in your database and make sure those files are there !

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    You see, the problems are:<BR>i)I have several hundred users who upload frequently, and therefore they encounter errors when uploading a file with the same name. (using upload scripts) <BR>ii)I don&#039;t have time to do directory maintenance, because each time the user deletes the record the file is then not deleted.<BR><BR>If the file were stored in the same record, it would be so much easier for everyone. Get what I mean?<BR><BR>Thanks anyway!!<BR>L

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    I don&#039;t know if this will help or not. I agree with last post every article strongly advises against storing files etc directly in database. Makes database slow and ugly.<BR>Don&#039;t no how to help with your first listed problem but your second problem you should be able to write a function that deletes the file from the designated path in the database.<BR>Good luck!

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