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    Hi guys + gals :)<BR><BR>I have two vars (javascript)<BR><BR>var NormalPath = "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\Howdy\Mr Hank\Images\";<BR>var VirtualPath = "Http:// Hank/Images/test.gif";<BR><BR>The question is, how do I alter that path using some changing code so that my asp component will place test.gif in the NormalPath and how would I get the space between Mr Hank in the VirtualPath to have a %20 or whatever do they use to represent a space.<BR><BR>Hope this makes sense, and thanks for any help :)<BR><BR>Steve Griff

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    Try:<BR><BR>hank = server.urlencode("Mr Hank")<BR>VirtualPath = "Http://" & hank&"/Images/test.gif";<BR><BR>for normal path, you need to use string functions to go to end of string and add test.gif<BR><BR>check out and look at the vb scripting ref for string functions

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