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Thread: advice for semi-experienced highschool student?

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    I&#039;ve been into webdesign for about 3-4 years now and programming for about 1.5 years (ASP). I am fluent in html, css, and have been working in photoshop for 2 years. Currently I am developing a possibly patentable app. I have experience with mysql and access databases, chilisoft on linux, and nt. I&#039;ve gone through site database conversions, and am constantly looking for new challenges to learn from.<BR><BR>Yet, I cannot find a company in my state willing to hire a highschool student, even as an intern.<BR><BR>One of my main goals from this job is to learn and get experience - there are a lot of companies needing sites. Working alone is good for awhile, but I would like more exposure to the industry and see where I can go.<BR><BR>If anybody has general advice, or knows any openminded tech companies in RI, I would be very happy.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>- Leo,

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    Too bad you don&#039;t live near me in N.Central Florida. We will be needing another good ASP developer within the next 6 weeks.<BR><BR>I currently have part of a project that I need help finishing. If you are interested please email me at<BR><BR>The project requires no HTML, only coding and manipulating text within a 2D array. As your math skills are fresher than my own you may find this less challanging than I do.<BR><BR>I have been given a small budget for this portion of the project so we could pay you for your effort. Albiet not as much as the effort is worth. But it could be a good start for you as we are an established development firm in our area.<BR><BR>Hope to hear from you,<BR>Brian

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