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    We need to password protect a certain directory of website. <BR>I have heard of a method called "One-way Hash Computation", which can be implemented using COM objects.<BR>Any ideas on what exactly is "One-way Hash Computation" and how to program it in VB with examples(if any).<BR>Thanks a lot guys.

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    I have successfully been able to password-protect my website using ASPCrypt. I store the encrypted password in a database, and when a user logs in, I encrypt their password and compare it to the value in the database. The algorithm is a one-way hash algorithm. Does you think this sounds helpful to you?<BR><BR>I got the component from<BR><BR>It&#039;s free, but you will need to have administrative access to your web server in order to install it.<BR><BR>If you would like to get a hold of me for info/examples/help, email me at <BR><BR>HTH

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