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    What&#039s a good place for a beginner to start learning ASP?

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    1. Read "4Guysfromrolla" as often as you can. Even after you think you master ASP, somebody posts a new way of doing something you have taken for granted. Also check out the other main ASP sites.<BR>2. If you haven&#039t done so, install the NT options pack in your PC. You have to do this even if you have WIndows 95 or 98. The options pack will install everything you need to run a development web server from your PC, including a sample web site with almost everything you want to learn.<BR>3. Get ASP for Dummies and read it from cover to cover, then read it again. The two chapters on databases are priceless.<BR>4. Try to find a copy of the MSDN library on CD. It has tons of material. If your company is IT-oriented they might have a subscription.<BR>5. If your company has the subscription to MSDN, you can find a desktop copy of MS SQL server. If not, I bet you have MS Access in your PC, which will keep you busy for a while.<BR>6. Don&#039t use a HTML editor that automates code for you. Stay away from Frontpage and InterDev for as long as you are learning. Both tools are very useful in the hands of a trained person, but if you are learning they will hurt you more than help you. Use a plain or enhanced text editor. At my office we use EditPlus ( almost exclusively.<BR>7. Go to Phil Greenspun hates PCs and Microsoft but he is an authority in active websites. He has tons of good information and his whole book on web design is posted for free.<BR>8. You might also want to try<BR><BR>Good luck!<BR><BR>Pedro<BR>

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