NTLM Fails when accessed using a Domain Name

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Thread: NTLM Fails when accessed using a Domain Name

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    Claws Guest

    Default NTLM Fails when accessed using a Domain Name

    I have a page which dynamically generates content from a database. Some of the information is restricted. I request the NT user ID and check it against the authorized users in the database to determine what information to display. <BR><BR>************ My problem ************** <BR><BR>If I go to http://servername/foldername/filename the page runs correctly. It gets the userid & authenticates against the database. I have verified the servervariables are correct with the code below <BR><BR>If I go to http://DomainName/foldername/filename I am prompted for my username and password. Even though I am logged in to the Domain, the LOGON_USER & AUTH_USER variables are empty. <BR>-------------------------<BR>I attempted to force authentication by including the <BR>&#060;%Response.Addheader "WWW-Authenticate", "Negotiate,NTLM" %&#062; to try and force NTLM authentication. This did not work. <BR><BR>Can anyone tell me how to authenticate when going to the domain name instead of the hostname, Or is there a setting in IIS I am missing?<BR><BR>*********My Environment*********** <BR>This is and Intranet environement. Everyone has already logged into the domain before trying to access the application. <BR><BR>The directory has Annonymous and Basic turned off and NTLM on. <BR>The NT permissions are Everyone RX Admins Full I am running this as an Admin. <BR><BR>I am running IIS 5 on Windows 2000 Server. This was a clean install not an upgrade. <BR><BR>Thanks <BR><BR>Claws

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    Default CROSSPOST


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    Claws Guest

    Default Sorry for breach of Netiquette

    I was unaware of Crossposting, when I posted this item here several hours after originally posting it in the Advanced ASP forum. <BR><BR>I still would like an answer but please check there to make sure someone else has not answered it first.<BR><BR>Sorry.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Sengoku Guest

    Default RE: CROSSPOST

    Wow, what a very helpful reply!<BR><BR>The fact that it would even be considered a crosspost is debatable. The two messages were posted hours later, apparently by hand, into the two groups after the user obviously needed a reply and didn&#039;t get one in the other group. The user also obviously was technical enough to ask the question appropriately and put enough information in their email to try and get an answer from someone.<BR><BR>The user probably just figured it was the wrong group, and tried posting in this group instead.<BR><BR>Give it a rest. If you don&#039;t want to help, don&#039;t say anything. And don&#039;t bother replying to this. I searched through this group and looked at all your other posts too, and they were all *so* helpful to the other users...<BR>

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