Ending several sessions in one asp.

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Thread: Ending several sessions in one asp.

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    nbeaman@msn.com Guest

    Default Ending several sessions in one asp.

    How can I end several sessions through an ASP if I know the session ID&#039s of each? i.e. is there are command such as:<BR><BR> EndSession("2374889")<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>Nelson<BR>

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    Rob Guest

    Default RE: Ending several sessions in one asp.

    It might be<BR>session("some_var").abandon<BR><BR>or<BR><BR >session.abandon("some_var")<BR><BR>session.abando n will abandon all sessions.<BR>If you want to abandon all sessions, then just say<BR>session.abandon<BR><BR>Rob<BR><BR>

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    Default session.abandon will NOT abandon all sessions!

    If I do a &#060;%session.abandon%&#062; only the CURRENT<BR>session will be abandoned. This is how it<BR>should be.<BR><BR>If there are multiple users on your site, and<BR>you call session.abandon, not all of your sessions<BR>will be cleared.

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