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    I am creating a dynamic table using java script. Table has 3 cells and could have any number of row. I get the values out on the next page for the 2 ceels that has text boxes but the cell that has check box does not pass the value to next page unless they are checked. Please help!<BR><BR>the code is the following<BR>function f_insert_row(dtable)<BR>{<BR> o_row = dtable.insertRow();<BR> l_nbr = o_row.rowIndex;<BR> lNbrRows++;<BR><BR> for (i=0; i&#060;l_nbr_cols; i++)<BR> {<BR> o_td = o_row.insertCell();<BR> s_CurrentinnerHTML = s_CellinnerHTML[i];<BR> o_td.innerHTML = s_CurrentinnerHTML;<BR> o_td.height = lBaseRowHeight;<BR> }<BR><BR> o_row.cells(1).all(0).all(0).value = l_nbr ;<BR> o_row.cells(1).all(0).all(2).value = l_nbr ;<BR> o_item_nbr = o_row.cells(1).all(0).all(0) ;<BR> o_item_nbr.disabled = true;<BR> return(o_row);<BR><BR>}<BR><BR><BR><BR> s_CellinnerHTML = new Array();<BR> <BR> l_base_row = 1;<BR> <BR> o_base_row = orders.rows[l_base_row];<BR> l_nbr_cols = orders.rows[l_base_row].cells.length;<BR> for (i=0; i&#060;l_nbr_cols; i++)<BR> {<BR> <BR> s_CellinnerHTML[i] = o_base_row.cells[i].innerHTML;<BR> }<BR><BR> lBaseRowHeight = o_base_row.cells[1].height;<BR> o_base_row.cells(1).all(0).all(0).value = 1 ;<BR> o_base_row.cells(1).all(0).all(2).value = 1 ;<BR><BR> &#060;%<BR> for i = 1 to lNbrDetailLines<BR> %&#062;<BR> o_base_row.cells(1).all(0).all(0).value = &#060;%=lITEM_NUMBER(1)%&#062; ;<BR> o_base_row.cells(2).all(0).all(0).value = "&#060;%=sITEM_DESCRIPTION(1)%&#062;" ;<BR> &#060;%exit for <BR> Next <BR> %&#062;<BR> o_item_nbr = o_base_row.cells(1).all(0).all(0) ;<BR> o_item_nbr.disabled = true;<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR> for i = 2 to 110 <BR> if lITEM_NUMBER(i) &#062; "" then %&#062;<BR> f_insert_row(orders);<BR> o_row.cells(1).all(0).all(0).value = "&#060;%=lITEM_NUMBER(i)%&#062;" ;<BR> o_row.cells(2).all(0).all(0).value = "&#060;%=sITEM_DESCRIPTION(i)%&#062;" ;<BR> &#060;%else<BR> exit for<BR> end if <BR><BR> next<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR><BR>

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    does it work?

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