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Thread: Want to build an email sender with formatting like

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    Default Want to build an email sender with formatting like

    I&#039;ve build a community web site that involves the sending of mail to user&#039;s email accounts. The mail is typically written from the site, entered into a standard HTML form, and then sent to another member using ASPEmail. Right now, though, the form simply sends all of the text in a single long line -- it doesn&#039;t include carriage returns in the email when the user presses return in the form input box, for example. <BR><BR>Yahoo Mail, of course, does format the text of messages sent through its site roughly similar to the way it was typed by the sender. How do I imitate this function in a site based on ASP/VBScript? When I think about it, I guess my main goal is to have it so that line skips and carriage returns that are inputted into the form actually appear in the email message. Right now, I recommend that users type HTML tags directly into the input, which then later shows in HTML-based emails, but I find that system unwieldy. Any advice you could provide would be extremely helpful! Feel free to write an email directly to ericjyoon@yahoo.com. Thanks!

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    Default REPLACE!

    Use the replace function....<BR><BR>somestring = replace(somestring,vbcr,"<BR>")<BR><BR>that will replace every carriage return with a <BR><BR><BR>you may also want to use the replace function to make it so your users cannot enter HTML into the body of the email...<BR><BR>I usually jus replace the &#060; and &#062; with an &lt; and &gt;<BR>It will just page out the html they entered...<BR><BR>-- Whol

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