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    Troy Ackerman Guest

    Default Serving GIF's to remote users via <img s

    I am trying to use the following code on the remote static HTML pages:<BR>&#060;img src="" border=0&#062;<BR><BR>This calls the asp page code (and processes it correctly). I am trying to display a GIF called somepic.gif.<BR><BR>In the tracker.asp page i have the following code at the end...<BR>Response.Redirect ""<BR><BR>I can&#039;t get the GIF to display. Is this the right way to accomplish displaying the gif or could it be something else?<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>Troy Ackerman<BR><BR>PS: I have read the protecting images article and the website statistics article on this site. That&#039;s where I got my basic code.<BR>

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    Default almost there...

    when you open your page, open a recordset to the database that holds the location to your image....<BR>eg:<BR>table:images<BR>-----------------<BR>image_id<BR>image_name<BR>&#060;%<BR>SQL = "select * from images where image_id = 23"<BR>set objrec = objconn.execute(SQL)<BR>%&#062;<BR>now display your image<BR>&#060;img src="&#060;%=objrec("image_name")%&#062;"&#062;<BR ><BR>-- Whol

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    Troy Ackerman Guest

    Default Not quite :)

    Whol...actually that&#039;s more complex than i need it to be.<BR><BR>The actual gif is the same no matter what so I don&#039;t need to access a db for it.<BR><BR>In the calling page i put the code<BR>&#060;img src="" border=0&#062;<BR><BR>At the end of tracker.asp i&#039;ve put...<BR>Response.Redirect ""<BR><BR>But the darn image won&#039;t display.

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    Troy Ackerman Guest

    Default Response.Flush <- messing things up

    I was using Response.Flush earlier in my code because I was adapting a hit tracking system that was called within the requested ASP page. <BR><BR>This was messing things up. I deleted that line and the<BR>Response.Redirect ""<BR><BR>WORKS NOW!<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Troy Ackerman

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