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    I am in the process of adding a Schedular into a project I am working on and have seen numerous &#039;ready to go&#039; calendars around the net, I just wondered if anyone had any particular favourites or recommendations.<BR><BR>Basically I am going to have a page showing a Calendar with the current days scheduled events if any. Standard calendar functions need to be there like forward month back month and also highlighting dates with saved entries.<BR><BR>When you click on a day of the month you get a form with which various information is entered into the database and not only provides the user with a record of that event but at a later stage down the line will be able to see extra functions based on their initial entry.<BR><BR>It all ties into a broader system tracking various things.<BR><BR>I would like to implement a ready made calendar which I can expand on and develop further, any recommendations would be greatly appreaciated.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>*W

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    There&#039;s a good example of an events calendar on MSDN.<BR>

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