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Thread: Passing information between 3 pages using Query St

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    Could anyone tell me what is the best method to pass information from a second page to a third? This would be the same information I just passed from the first page to the second in a query string. These were just from select/text fields. If I try to make the query string and put it in manually in the action field, the get just overrides it and puts the submit part of the form in the query string. Then I tried making it a get and putting all the information into a hidden field and it came out looking like this:<BR><BR> %3D1%26selectDeduct%3D500%26selectOption%3D1%26Sub mit%3DSubmit%26Dental%3D%248.49%26Vision%3D0%26Tot al%3D%24135.73&Submit=Start+An+Application<BR><BR> For some reason it printed out HTML code rather than = and & signs. <BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks !

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    Default Put hidden fields oin the form ...

    on the second page...And populated them with the values passed from the first page. This way, when you submit the second form...It&#039;ll pass the whole batch to the third page.

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