Teen Drug and Alcohol Survey for Teens 13-19

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Thread: Teen Drug and Alcohol Survey for Teens 13-19

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    Default Teen Drug and Alcohol Survey for Teens 13-19

    We are in a tenth grade Health class and doing a project on why or why not people use alcohol. If we could atleast 20 people to do this it is great research. When you respond you should put have your name, age and what state you live in. OH yeah don&#039;t forget the date. When you also respond could you tell us how often you use alcohol.<BR><BR>Laura and Bridget

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    Default ALCOHOL ig good for the body and soul

    Name: Akhilesh<BR>age : 26 (but pretend i am 16)<BR>State : CA<BR>Date : dont know what you mean by this so....Booked this Fri and Sat...available till then....so beautiful ladies call me at 818 208 ****<BR><BR>People should definitely use alcohol as much as they can...it stimulates the mind and body giving a person the ability to do almost anything. It is healthy to get drunk twice a week and maybe upto 5 days a week.<BR><BR>I think they should also have kegs/bar near the water cooler at the workplace. <BR><BR>Hope this helps your project<BR>

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