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    jaybone Guest

    Default Invalid character

    I had this page working fine yesterday. Tried to add paging code and got this error. Then I commented out the paging code and still getting this error. What is it and why is on a line where I am only declaring variables. Any help or ideas on what happened is appreciated.<BR>Microsoft VBScript compilation error &#039;800a0408&#039; <BR>Invalid character <BR>/Pages/searchresults.asp, line 218 <BR>Dim cboSquareFeet, cboYearBuilt, cboOccupied, cboUse, cboUnits, cboLotSize <BR>----------^

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    <eop> Guest

    Default what is the value of cboSquareFeet?


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    jaybone Guest

    Default RE: Invalid character

    that line should really ends at the end of the Dim line not on cboSquareFeet. Any ideas

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    jaybone Guest

    Default Help!!!!

    lotsize is the last declared variable on the line and is a decimal like<BR>.25 acres(value=.25)<BR>Any Ideas

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