My ISP (Webhostme) allows you to make use of ASP pages, but I&#039;ve noticed that you can&#039;t use e-mail functions or do any process that would create a file in the directories. If you try to, you get a "Permission denied" message on a webpage.<BR><BR>I can read text files and write, fine, but I&#039;m wanting visitors to be able to submit from a textbox and have it append the line to a text file. I can&#039;t use:<BR>FileObject.OpenTextFile (CaptionFile, 8)<BR>because it would create a file if one didn&#039;t exist. It will not work if the create parameter is set to false either.<BR><BR>Is there another way to append? Or at least open the file, read to the last line, then write without clearing the previous data? Or am I just screwed? <BR><BR>