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Thread: IIS/PWS doesn't start

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    Default IIS/PWS doesn't start

    Hi<BR><BR>I have a peculiar problem. I recently installed Win 2000 professional and personal web server that comes with it. Now the web server starts and the Internet Information Services show default web server running. But when I try to browse to my site, it gives me a HTTP 500 error. Can any guy kindly help me in solving this.<BR><BR>Thanks <BR>

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    That Win2K comes with IIS...Not PWS, and there are a few differences. <BR>IIS has more options, and is somewhat more complex(as well as more useful)<BR>The first thing to check are the properties of your default website...If it is .asp pages that you are having trouble with...make sure that scripts are turned on, and that the application is properly set.

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