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    Hi, i have developed a html page which contains two asp pages in frames. In one of the frames the user can set a string value. This value is then used by the rest of the asp code in com calls.<BR>Therefore i need to store this value. My problem is when the page is refreshed the value resets to initial value and the users change is lost. (The page is constantly being refreshed becuase its displaying real time data) I have tried both session and application variables and include files ,but each way results in initial value being reset upon refresh.

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    If you use a session variable, you can always check for a value before resetting it, i.e. :<BR><BR>if session("MyVal") = "" then session("MyVal") = DefaultVal<BR><BR>Then when you assign the new value it will never be overwritten by the default value ( unless of course the session times out! ).<BR><BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>Mike

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