Hi,<BR><BR>I have a website with a form, you can find at http://www.earnextranow.com/eenprofileen.php3 .<BR><BR>The first question on that form is: <BR><BR><BR>If you found this site from a referral or advertisement please enter the access code here:<BR><BR><BR>Now it comes. A code is linked to the emailaddress of the owner of that code, for example when people fill in code work , this form must be send to the emailaddress of the owner of code work . So I need an ASP-script to automise it. Can someone help me, please?<BR><BR>An example of a site where this situation is, you can find at http://www.earnincomenow.com/us_profile.asp , where you can find in the HTML code:<BR><BR>&#060;FORM METHOD="post" ACTION="us_joe.asp"&#062;<BR>&#060;INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="FORMURL" VALUE="us_profile.asp"&#062;<BR>&#060;INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="VIABLIND" VALUE="-1"&#062;<BR><BR>So, how to handle "FORMURL" and "VIABLIND" .<BR><BR>Best regards,<BR><BR>Peter Bauweraerts<BR>