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    Can u explain redim and preserve.

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    ReDim is used to modify the size of Dynamic Arrays (arrays where you do not know how many elements may be ulimately contained) - so you can change the size in you program to meet your needs.<BR><BR>BUT each time that you change the size of the array with ReDim, the current contents (all of the data that you have carfully inserted) are normally lost (NOTHING for object arrays, 0-length strings for string arrays etc....) To PRESERVE the array contents you use the &#060;&#060;ReDim Preseve myDynamicArray(somenumber)&#062;&#062; combination

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    Thanks very much shroshire . That helped

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    ...If you can avoid a large number Redim Preserve on "larger" arrays (more than 100 elements), do so. Redim Preserve is expensive as far as resources go.<BR><BR>If you know the array will not exceed a certain number. It is best to originally create your array with more elements than you need and then perform Redim Preserve at the end to properly size your array.

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